This is us

The Happen to the World program will be facilitated by regular folk. But aren’t we all regular folk? 😉

Our commitment is to make you think– to make you actively consider yourself and your life; to give you the tools to articulate your deepest values and make deliberate choices.

Like– or perhaps unlike– you, we come from unremarkable backgrounds. Not exactly a big selling point– we know!

Growing up, we had some exposure to different cultures, political systems and ways of seeing the world. We went to university and got traditional jobs.
And then through circumstance and choice, we found ourselves at a crossroads– continue down this well-worn path or take a leap into the unknown– to explore a different way of making a living, rearing a family, being part of a community. This became and continues to be a lesson itself . . . a lesson that we think is worth sharing.

We think that all experience is remarkable because it happens to us. Because it may be the only thing we know for certain (something we will explore in the program as well). We have spent over 20 years, individually, as a couple and as friends thinking about who we are, what matters and the best ways to relate to the world around us.

We have been around the world– seeing for ourselves the variety of human experience. We have talked to people from all walks of life and explored both ancient and modern philosophies, as well as the latest scientific discoveries. In the process we focused on ideas that have been scientifically tested or that have been formulated by respected thinkers.

We have listened, watched, read and learned and we have distilled all of this into “Happen to the World.”

Our intent is not to give you an instruction manual for life but to rather incite your own thinking and offer a set of tools to find your own way in the dark.

We hope you will join us on this journey . . . .your journey!

Who is this for? What will I get out of it?

This is for anyone who wants to become more effective in how they work and live. Effectiveness is about doing the right things– not necessarily in a moral sense, but in the sense of being able to achieve your intent.

You can’t be effective if you are unsure about what you want– out of your team, your career, your business, friends, family or life in general.

The path to become effective goes through self-inquiry. Understanding yourself through exposure to sometimes startling and new perspectives prepares you to see yourself differently.

Participating in our structured exercises– where you learn from standardized assessments, self-reflection and directly from others– will help you counter the self-serving biases that we all have.

Once you have developed self-understanding, we will help you understand the world better, to put yourself and your life in perspective.

And finally, we will teach you practical tools to counter habits and thoughts that detract from self-understanding, compassion towards others and ultimately– effectiveness.