Do you really know who you are?

What makes you uniquely you?

Perhaps it’s your identity: name, ethnicity, citizenship, political affiliation, religion.

Perhaps it’s your genes. Or how you look?
Perhaps it’s how you feel.

You may be pretty sure of who you are.

But maybe sometimes, with some people, in some situations, you are not so sure.

The answer to the question of “who we are” is not as simple as it may seem at first blush. But few of us spend much time digging deeper. We simply assume an identity— derived from where we find ourselves, where we live, whom we associate with. Then we go on auto-pilot, rarely diving below the surface of our existence. Until, something blows us off course and we become unmoored— unknown, even to ourselves.

Wouldn’t it be better to explore the landscape of our lives before we are lost. Seek self-knowledge, examine our deepest impulses, our values, our reasons for being? Wouldn’t it be preferable to take that understanding and live a more deliberate life— to happen to the world, before it happened to us?

That was the thinking that led us to develop this program of self-inquiry, which draws on our own investigations over 20 years, including through readings, discussions, insights and experimentation on how to live a meaningful life. We took a practical, critical and evidence-based approach that builds on the thinking of leading scientists and philosophers.

Instead of prescribing one perfect way to be, our program guides you on a path that illuminates different perspectives, habits of mind and concepts to help you create your own reasons, and discover your own answers to the questions of who you are, what matters to you and how to live a life that is meaningful to you.

Program Outline

We offer both a standard 3-day program and a customized version that can be tailored to your needs– in terms of duration, content, and location. Contact us to find out whether Happen to the World would work for your board / executive retreat, conference or team event.

We are storytellers– and the stories we tell each other and ourselves are a big part of who we are. The “story of you” unpacks this narrative, by helping you think about what makes you, uniquely you.

  • Consciousness: How do you get your sense of self?
  • Perception: What affects what you see and hear?
  • Genes: How much of your story is already written?
  • Memory: How do memories make you?
  • Cognition: How do you think? What distorts your thinking?
  • Values: What do you believe to be important and why?
  • Emotion: Why do you feel what you feel?

Once we understand ourselves, we need to understand the wider world– how we fit into the scheme of things; our relationships to other people. To do so, we take you on a journey to think about the world around you. We discuss:

  • How we fit into the natural world
  • Our understanding of wider society and common misconceptions
  • The basis of our political, social and cultural identity as individuals in the world
  • The basis of and influences on our relationships at work, and with family and friends

Happening isn’t necessarily about achievement or happiness. It is simply about being. It is about choosing to be a certain way based on a deep understanding of yourself and your world. It is about finding meaning and making choices. In this final module, we will cover (using examples from our own lives and from those of others):

  • Making hard choices
  • Finding ways to change attitudes, maintain health and cultivate relationships at home and at work
  • Tools to sustain the changes you make in your life, including through mindfulness, reframing, psychological safety and empathy

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